Luna & the Starbodies

After a restorative and generative two week workshop at the Powerhouse Theater at Vassar College, “Luna & the Starbodies”, my new rock show played a sold out crowd at Joe’s Pub. It was a room filled with so much love and light, and I am so excited to be releasing a live album of that show in the coming weeks. As part of the run up to our next show at Lincoln Center on October 27th (free!), we will be releasing the music and giving a small sneak peak concert with our friends over at Playbill. This show was my pandemic piece, and the first offshoot of the Shapeshifters universe of queer and trans superheroes. I am so indebted to the cast and creative team on this one, for helping me make this dream a reality. Can’t wait to share this music very soon. xxTruth

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