Shapeshifters: A Queer Comic Book Musical

SHAPESHIFTERS is a music-theatre multiverse dedicated to LGBTQ+ superheroes. Using the lense of superhero science fiction, SHAPESHIFTERS encourages young queer and trans participants to consider what “others” them as their super power. Equal parts entertainment, education, and empowerment, SHAPESHIFTERS assembles a community over digital and theatrical mediums.

No one can take my power away from me… but me.



“Literally nothing else exists like this. Thank you for creating a space where nonbinary and queer people actually have a story.” Arielle T.

“It’s very, very, very clear that we have been marked with the mark of the Shapeshifters, and it’s not going to go away… it’s going to do so much for so many people.” Kashaun M.

“Because I’m so new to this body that I’m in and accepting that… this is very validating and gives me hope for where I’m meant to be on stage in my future.” Maginnis B.

“There is so much in the lyrics. Every single song was its own story for every single one of us.” Peter K.

“This is nuclear bomb queer and it’s so cool.” Faye T.

“As an ally to the queer community, it’s important to be able to listen to these stories and hear them fully so we find our connections to one another.” Alyse H.

You can come for me.

Do not come for my super power.

shapeshifters: a queer comic book musical

SHAPESHIFTERS has received development and support from: Joe’s Pub, The Public Theater, Rhinebeck Writers Retreat, THEatre Accelerator, The Jerome Hill Foundation, The Denovan Residency, The Afterglow Festival, University of the Arts, and Musical Theatre Factory.

MUSIC and WORDS by Truth Bachman
DIRECTION by Zhailon Levingston