Truth Future Bachman is a composer, vocalist, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. A groundbreaking new voice in musical theatre, LGBTQIA+ education, and social activism, Truth is an award-winning young creator. Truth is currently an artist in residence at La Mama E.T.C. in Manhattan, and a visiting artist at NYU Tisch, Williams College, and Princeton University.



Lincoln Center Presents: Truth Future Bachman’s LUNA & THE STARBODIES

A transcendent new theatrical concert that combines the suspense of Watchmen with the camp of Glee, Luna and the Starbodies is an epic musical short about a life in transition. From the mind of composer, vocalist, and writer Truth Future Bachman, a groundbreaking new voice, in their Lincoln Center debut! Earth is no longer safe for Luna, a transient starlet on the cusp of motherhood. Hitchhiking the night sky, she conceives three young rockstars, The Starbodies, who ignite the mother within her and illuminate her cosmic destiny. This next chapter of “The Shapeshifters” Universe encourages audiences of every age, gender, and sexuality to find their tribe, sing along, and reach the hero within.

This event is free and open to the public. Seating and entry are first-come, first-served; the line will form at the Atrium’s entrance on Broadway, between 62nd and 63rd Street.  

Playbill Songwriter Series – Truth Future Bachman

Bachman visited Playbill to perform songs from two of their original and developing musicals, Shapeshifters and Luna and the Starbodies. Bachman describes the former as being about “queer, Trans superheroes—and community.” The latter, which takes place in the Shapeshiftersuniverse, follows Luna, a transient starlet preparing to become a mother, as she hitchhikes across the night sky to find her cosmic destiny. Bachman is joined in the Songwriter Series video by vocalists Jonathan Christopher (Hamilton , Sweeney Todd), Blu Morpho, and Maya Sharpe (Hair). The group is accompanied by pianist and music director Josh Knight (HamiltonSondheimia) and percussionist Sarah Gooch. Josh Kight is playing the Playbill piano, provided by the nonprofit Sing for Hope.

New Heights: Running Made This Composer Realize They Are Powerful

Running starts a conversation with the body that is so deep and innate and primal it brings you to a state of greater awareness,” says Truth Bachman, an accomplished runner, composer, writer, and performer who is also a trans, non-binary runner.

“It has been a catalyst in my life because it’s given me ownership over my body that I never knew I had,” they say. “As soon as I started running, I started getting new muscles and listening a little deeper to what my body is asking me to do for it. I started to take back the narrative of my body in this world.” 

Running also fuels Bachman’s creative spirit. Often during their runs around their hometown of New York City, they compose music inspired by the synchophony of the urban landscape. Since running makes Bachman feel superhuman, it may have been the inspiration for the musical series they created and star in, The Shapeshifter’s Universe, which is about bodies transitioning and doing amazing feats in the process. “My goal is to translate the races [I run] into my life, pushing past the hurdles of the race, pushing past the feelings of fatigue,” they say.

This year, Bachman will attempt their own running challenge as they participate in a marathon for the first time. After running 10Ks and half marathons, Bachman is moving into full marathons because their local run club has just added a non-binary category to the city’s marathon. “We’re in a moment now of intense change,” says Bachman. “For the first time in history, suddenly non-binary people are visible in running and in sports. It gives us a place to be and is another way that we can empower people to live lives as authentically as possible.”