Truth Does Interviews

[4.30.2022] In Between the Lines –

Truth speaks with David Sisco and Laura Josephus about being a non-binary writer of musical theatre, art as activism, and the song “Atlas” from Shapeshifters: A Queer Comic Book Musical.

[1.31.2022] GSA Summit – NewFest + NYC DOE

Truth and Zhailon Levingston talk about the making of their musical short “Who Holds Us”.

[9.22.2021] Future Perfect Project Live

A conversation with the folx from the Future Perfect Project about queer futures, standing in your power, and growing up a little witchy.

[8.10.2020] No One Like You – Radio Kingston

An in-depth hour of music and reflection about FARMED: A Live Podcast Album, Shapeshifters: A Queer Comic Book Musical, and Truth’s early music.